Learning more about Mundelien's gem - JUST bee you!

Hey Kristin, thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to tell us more about your beautiful studio!

First things first; who are you and who do you serve?

When I went from a mother of one to a mother of two I started noticing how difficult it became to find programs that both my children could attend together. This sparked me to think.... “maybe one day I could have a studio that works great for siblings”…. 6 years later and here we are! Our programs, schedule, and age groups have siblings in mind. If I can make things easier for one family, I have succeeded!

That's amazing! I struggle finding things that my 4.5 and 2.5 can do at the same time and it certainly adds to the stress of scheduling and shuffling these babies around town.

Aside from the ease of sibling scheduling, what makes your business unique in catering to the needs of young children?

We offer a CLASS+PLAY format that is both developmentally appropriate for kiddos 0-5Y, and supports a caregiver community. As the world continues to change and put higher expectations on our smallest humans, we are a calm corner of the child activities industry that acknowledges tiny triumphs, emphasizes friendship, and provides support/education to caregivers.

That's beautiful. A place for them to just BEE without the weight of high performance. I love that.

Can you share some of the most popular mobility and art activities you offer for toddlers and babies?

Funny story, our Gymnastics and Music classes are the most popular when families meet us. Once they trial our Art/Sensory classes that quickly becomes a contender for top interest! Our Create and Play program is full of open play, art class, and group activities. A recent family said “I really didn’t think I would like art because I think of it being messy, but she had so much fun and all the open play is perfect for her.”

Oh hey - that's me. Not literally, but while I always thought I'd be this crafty mom who had different projects for my kids to do daily I am finding that I'm just... how do I put this (?) ...NOT.

Could you share any upcoming events or workshops that the community can look forward to?

Our music, art, and gymnastics classes follow a monthly tuition enrollment. For families looking for drop-in events, we offer those too! Every month you will find keepsake events, baby play, and various educational workshops.

What feedback have you received from parents and caregivers about the impact of your programs on their children's development?

My favorite review from a family…. 

“Absolutely love having just Bee you for our daughter so close to home. In just a few months I can see how my daughter has grown socially/emotionally with all of her little friends. She loves all of the activities; art, music, sensory play, gymnastics etc. The best part is my husband who attends class with our little feels 100% welcome by other caregivers and Ms. Kristin, he looks forward to the classes every week. It has been so good good for all of us, we love Just Bee You.“

Alright Ms. Kristin wrapping up, what advice do you have for parents looking to foster creativity and mobility in their young children at home?

You can find opportunities for movement and art everywhere! Caregivers are always saying “I would never have thought of that.” in our art classes. During classes I make it a priority to explain why we do certain songs, how to modify a gymnastics station, or what alternate materials could be used at home for an art/sensory project. For our studio activities to carry over into everyday life, we need to educate and build confidence in our caregivers.

I love that teaching element, my mama brain as a parent to kids in your target range is fried so I need all the suggestions and simple lessons and ideas I can get.

Kristin, it's been lovely chatting with you. You're doing an amazing job and your space is just beautiful! For those reading, where can families find you?!

Families can find us on Facebook, Instagram and our website as well at at the studio!

On the web @ https://www.justbeeyouil.com

On Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/justbeeyouil

On Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/just_bee_you_il/

In the studio @ 115 N Seymour Ave, Mundelein, IL 60060

Thank you so much Ms. Kristin! I hope all the local families get the opportunity to experience your little slice of kid magic at just Bee You!