I get it. Everyday I look at my youngest and refer to her as my "itty bitty, newborn baby". She's two. The passing of time is made so evident as you watch your littles grow at the speed of light. It's hard, all of it and in every way. I want to capture those moments that whiz by, the ones you'll want to soak in twenty years from now and I want yoU to be pictured in those moments! The monumental emotions that present during labor and delivery and the silly, tender everyday happenings that core memories are made of. Let me take photos of your child fetching you a Miller High life and shaving your back for $1.00* before you ALL settle in and throw AIRPLANE in the VCR. Core memory stuff - You knowwww.


I'm obsessed with raw human emotion and connection; Documenting and storytelling. If this sounds like your vibe, welcome! (If it doesn't, hey, welcome to you too - have an awesome day!) While I'm at it, welcome to loving families of ALL configurations AND abilities. You're safe with me. Love you, mean it.