Frequently Asked Questions


What is your booking process like?

After your initial inquiry, a consult call (or better yet in-person coffee/tea!) is booked to talk about ALL THE THINGS and see if we vibe! If it's all green lights, we move on to contract signing and retainer which secures your date!

When do you go on call and what does that look like?

My dedicated on call time begins at 38 weeks. That's phone on my face, volume up, special obnoxious ring tone, batteries charged, bag packed by the door, 24/7 READY TO GOOOO.

But Erin, what if you're sick or at another birth?

I work with some birth baddies as backups. Photographers who get it AND get it done. In the case one of them attends your birth, they will then give me the files and I will edit and deliver your gallery.

Where do you take clients?

Home, Birth Center, or Hospital from Chicago to Milwaukee. If you have a car baby - I'm for sure going to try and be there for that too. Please check with your provider to ensure they do not have policies against birth photography.

When do I call you?

Communication is key! Over-communication is better. Please keep me posted on anything notable that comes up at appointments as you reach full term. Feeling crampy? Shoot me a text. Lost your mucus plug? Text. As a mom to two little ones the more of a heads up the better so I can ensure my home-base is covered.
My goal is to arrive when you are in active labor. This ensures that my presence won’t distract you or prevent your labor from advancing.

When can I expect my images?

My birth package includes several sneak-peek images that I process and edit within 24 hours of birth. These images are specifically sized for the web so that you can easily and beautifully announce the birth of your baby online if you choose.
The rest of your images will be edited within 2-3 weeks. You’ll receive a link to your private and custom gallery where you’ll be able to view all your images and purchase prints.