I’m Erin!

Oh hey! About me, let's see... (I hate this). Here's some random information to paint a picture of who you're considering working with.

I am an avid collector of all things 1960s kitsch, floral, impractical and/or obnoxious. I have more chairs than friends, in varying conditions of strength/repair. My dream is to live in one of those time capsule Midcentury homes with a conversation pit, in the meantime I will enjoy this cookie-cutter crib in the Hills of Vernon. I love a good treasure hunt, and when I'm long gone I hope my babies have fond memories of the searches we've had. Right now, they're in it for the naked barbies.

My favorite party is a good theme party. Which lends itself to Halloween being my favorite holiday and one of the only traditions I've solidified with my kids. (Oops!) Every year our family of four attends one event dressed up as each other; the kids as the parents and the parents as the kids. It's brought me to some interesting corners of the internet searching for adult sized baby clothes but I regret nothing. Did you briefly think about doing it? The algorithm doesn't forget.

My husband and I had a pop up wedding with immediate family at Portillos in 2018; complete with onion ring wedding ring placeholders and a walk down the aisle (line to register) with my dad. We then pretended we weren't already legally wed and did it all over again at the STAX Museum of American Soul Music in Memphis, TN a month later. Two theme weddings? Yasss please.

Professionally, prior to photography I worked in the airlines where I met and trauma bonded with my now husband. It was an amazing way to spend my 20s but I was happy to bid farewell to that chapter (but keep my husband's flight benefits). Before that I worked in hotel management. So many stories, y'all. SO.MANY.STORIES.

I'm an open book and borderline over-sharer, so ask me anything! My husband always jokes when we go out that he can't wait to meet my new best friend. Stranger at a cooking class? Bestie. Someone who looks lost? Bestie. Small business owner in town? New bestie, I'm so proud of you. Trapped in an elevator with me? Bestie. I can't be helped. If you need an easy going photographer friend, I'm here for you! Let's make magic.